John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP

Emergency Medicine and Aviation Consultant
Federal Court Appointed Expert Witness Physician

Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians

US Air Force Colonel / Commercial Pilot

Emergency Physician / Epidemiologist / Statistician

Current US Air Force Chief Flight Surgeon / Former FAA Aviation Medical Examiner

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  • Aerospace Medicine - Emergency Medicine
    • Free Standing Emergency Departments
    • Proper / Improper Ground/Air Transfers
    • ER vs Urgent Care Dilemmas
    • Aviation Injuries, Barotrauma, Hypoxia, STEMI, CVA
    • Emergency Medical Resuscitation / Stabilization / Transport / EMTALA
    • Toxic Exposures, Pollution, Hydrocarbons, VOCs
    • Traumatic Brain Injury, Circadian Desynchrony, Sleep, Fatigue Countermeasures
  • Aviation Experience
    • Commercial Pilot
    • Distinguished Graduate: US Air Force Academy
    • Aviation Medicine - Widely Published and Frequently Cited
    • Senior Medical Officer, Air Force Class A Mishap Investigation Boards (SIB)
    • USAF and FAA Flight Surgeon (AME / Colonel)
    • FAA Drone / UAS Regulation Expertise
    • BS in Aeronautical Engineering from US Air Force Academy
  • Military / USERRA
    • 37 Years (and Counting) Military Service
    • Decorated Combat Veteran (Iraq 2007, Afghanistan 2009)
    • War Crimes, ESGR Consults, Court Martial, Privacy
    • Military and Civilian Issues for Reservists, Guardsmen, Active Duty
    • Currently Serving as Wyoming Chief Flight Surgeon
    • Expert is an Air Force Colonel (with O-7 COE)
    • Air Force Academy Distinguished Graduate
  • Electronic Medical Records - Information Technology Expert
    • Privacy vs Public Safety, Encryption, Electronic Search and Seizure
    • Security, Access and Usability expert for EMRs, EHRs and PHRs, Protected Communications
    • Network Security / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone / UAS) Social Networks and Operation
    • Software Background (MySQL, JS, PHP, Perl, HTML, Laravel, AWS)
    • Consultant for selecting, upgrading, improving, integrating or initiating Electronic Medical Records - VA - DOD - Civilian
  • Aviation / Medical Case Review
    • Litigation, Expose Junk Science, Bayesian Risk Assessment (Statistics Master's Degree_
    • Pre-Litigation Consultation
    • Independent Second Opinion
    • Expert Witness Designation (Select Cases)
    • Settlement and Arbitration Advice, Rebuttals
  • Formal Education
    • Residency in Emergency Medicine: Stanford University 1998 (FACEP)
    • Doctor or Medicine w/ Honors: Univ of NC 1995 (MD)
    • Masters in Public Health w/ Honors: Epidemiology & Biostatistics 1993 (MPH)
    • Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering: US Air Force Academy Distinguished Graduate 1985 (BS)

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    John Ogle, MD

    Brief Biography

    Iraq Hospital Tent

    2015 Military Official Photo

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    Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

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    Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians

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    • Commercial / Instructor Pilot
    • Former Stanford University Clinical Faculty
    • ICU Physician 332 AFTH, Iraq 2007, Afghanistan 2009
    • President, Boulder County Medical Society 2006 - 2007, 2012
    • Founder, COEKG Inter-Hospital EKG Exchange Service
    • Epidemiologist and Statistician
    • Experienced in Networking, EMR and Web Design
    • Licensed in California and Colorado
    • Civilian and Military Practices - Combat Veteran
    • Colonel and Senior Air Force Flight Surgeon
    • Creator and Founder,, and