Dr. John Ogle is a Board Certified Emergency Physician, but his first formal training was at the United States Air Force Academy where he was a Distinguished Graduate earning a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He served as aircrew on the USAF E-3 (AWACS) and progressed through the ranks of Weapons Director then Instructor then Standards and Evaluations (Stan/Eval) Evaluator. As a physician he has continued with an aircrew assignment as an Air Force Flight Surgeon since 1997 eventually climbing through the ranks to become Chief of Aerospace Medicine. He eventually assumed Command of the 153rd Medical Group of the Wyoming Air National Guard. Colonel Ogle has an Aeronautical Rating of Senior Flight Surgeon and has served as Commander of the 153rd MDG since 2012.

Dr. Ogle wears several other hats that make him well suited to consult in aerospace medicine. In addition to his academic position at Stanford, he is an FAA Aeromedical Examiner and an Air Force Lt Colonel and Flight Surgeon in the Air National Guard. On the civilian side Dr. Ogle works part time as a airline flight surgeon for United Airlines.

Dr. Ogle holds commercial, instructor and instrument pilot ratings and flies frequently. In Feb 2000 and again in Sep 2003, he was interviewed by NASA for a Mission Specialist Astronaut position. John has been publishing on the Internet since 1996 and founded FlightPhysical.com in 1999. Dr Ogle's Professional Site

Love of Aviation

John's passion for flight started as a youth. As an undergraduate, he majored in Aerospace Engineering and was a distinguished graduate from the US Air Force Academy in 1985. He then served 5 years on active duty as a weapons director aboard the USAF E-3 (AWACS). In 1995, Dr. Ogle graduated with Honors from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and then completed a Stanford Emergency Medicine Residency in 1998.